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What You Need to Know About a CCTV Camera in Singapore

What You Need to Know About a CCTV
Camera in Singapore
If you are looking for the best security equipment for your home, you may have come across
cctv camera. These devices are often referred to as security cameras, and their primary
function is to monitor an area or location for suspicious activity. However, they can also be used
for other purposes, as well. This article will give you some basic information about these
cameras. You will be able to understand how they work, what they can store, and what kind of
cost they come with.

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Various types of cctv cameras
If you are planning to install CCTV cameras in your premises, it is important to know which
locations should be monitored the most. Placed strategically, they can deter intruders and
capture evidence of the offence. You can pick the cameras depending on your needs by
deciding the locations where the cameras should be placed. Here are some of the common
locations where CCTV cameras can be installed. The type of camera should also be considered.
Storage capacity of a cctv camera
Storage capacity refers to how much data a CCTV camera can store. In Singapore, you’ll
generally need between 60 GB and 240 GB per camera. Higher-megapixel cameras will require
more storage. However, storage capacity will not increase dramatically with time. In five years,
480 GB will become the norm. This should still remain within your budget. For most applications,
you should be able to store a lot of video.

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Deterrent effect of cctv cameras
The deployment of CCTV cameras in Singapore has been shown to reduce crime levels and
criminal activities. In many countries, crime was a problem because proving the crimes was
difficult. Because CCTV cameras offer evidence, criminals have become more afraid of being
caught. As a result, more people are attracted to protected areas and fewer crimes are
committed. The system is a good way to curb crime in a city.
Cost of a cctv camera
The cost of a CCTV camera will vary greatly depending on the type and features you want.
Basic systems can cost $550 to $2,500, but you should be sure to ask about warranty and
installation services. As a general rule, the more features you want, the more expensive the
CCTV camera. Whether you need one to keep an eye on a specific area or an entire complex,
you should decide what your budget is before you begin shopping for a CCTV system.
Installation of a cctv camera
Installation of a CCTV camera inside a home is legal, but there are certain restrictions that must

be met. For example, CCTVs must be installed inside a private residence only, not on public
property. Also, you must get permission from the HDB before installing a camera in a public
space. However, installing a CCTV inside your private residence is perfectly legal and you will
not need prior approval from the HDB. In Singapore, you can even install a CCTV in your own
condominium as long as it is not facing a common area or in another unit.

Learn How To Make The Advent Calendar With Your Little One

Anyway, December has arrived! After 11 months, we are in the last month of the year. Time to reflect on everything that has happened and, of course, to look forward to Christmas! I ndependente the beliefs and habits of the family, the holiday spirit is always a great opportunity to strengthen the bonds of affection and do good. In addition, at this time of year, children are super anxious, counting the days for that long-awaited date! So, we brought a super cool tip to do with your little one or the small one, it’s the Advent Calendar !

What is the Advent Calendar?

The word advent means the arrival of something or someone. Therefore, it is a time of preparation. The Advent Calendar, or Adventskalender , appeared a long time ago with German Lutherans, who chalked the doors or walls of their homes with chalk. Thus, they counted the 24 days before Christmas.

In that sense, the Advent period is a countdown to Christmas Day. Therefore, from 12/1 to 12/25, the family must perform small acts and activities together , with the aim of practicing gratitude and solidarity, in addition to strengthening the family bond! The idea is to carry out an activity a day, such as listening to a song, reading a Christmas story or preparing a special recipe .

How to make?

The Advent Calendar can be produced in different ways and with different materials , such as empty envelopes, bags, fabric, glasses, old Christmas packaging, Christmas decoration details and magazine clippings, for example.

Having chosen the material, it’s time to get your hands dirty! Come on?

First step:

Separate the containers of your choice (envelopes, bags, buckets, cups) and decorate each one with the numbers of the days, until the 25th.

Second step:

Organize the calendar the way you prefer. You can fix the containers on strings, such as a clothesline or paste on a panel (made of paper or fabric), in different shapes.

Third step:

In each of the containers, put an activity suggestion to be carried out with the little ones or small ones. Some suggestions are: listening to a Christmas story, separating clothes and toys for donation, writing a Christmas card, taking a candy to the neighbor, decorating the Christmas tree, preparing a gift for someone special … The options are many! So, if possible, talk to the kids and make a list of fun activities together.

Fourth step:

After everything is ready, you and your little one will open a package a day and perform the indicated activity together! Remember that the most important thing is to enjoy the small daily doses of “doing good” as a family, further strengthening the bonds of love and affection between you!